What is Follow Your Ears?

Follow Your Ears is a weekly radio program committed to original inquiry and the pursuit of a specific subject from several unusual angles. The segments uniting each show range from on-the-street interviews to informed conversations with authors and experts to dadaist hijinks. All you have to do is follow your ears. You never know what little nugget you might pick up. Curiosity is too essential to existence. New episodes air every Tuesday. The program is presently in its first season, which will conclude in April 2013.

How Do I Get on the Show?

You can send an email to Edward Champion, who is responsible for booking the guests and overseeing most aspects of the show. Conversations are conducted face-to-face in various parts of New York City (and sometimes other places). For authors who appear on the program, the author’s latest book (and often several other books) is read in full before every interview, as it is unfathomable to us why anyone would bother to talk with an author without reading the book beforehand. Because of this close attention to detail, it is vital that we be given enough time to read the book and properly research each guest.

Send materials to:

Edward Champion
Follow Your Ears
315 Flatbush Ave., #231
Brooklyn, NY 11217

What Happened to The Bat Segundo Show?

The Bat Segundo Show aired its final episode on November 5, 2012. You can listen to the nearly 500 episode run in the show’s archive.

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